Cat Boarding at Rondout Valley Vets

Cat Boarding Services

We understand it is never easy to leave your pets at home while you are away. Therefore, we do everything we can to make the stay away from home as pleasant as possible. Our boarding room has a large picture window overlooking the valley so we pride ourselves on having the best feline boarding view of the entire Hudson Valley!

Our lucky feline boarders receive regular checks from our highly trained veterinary staff throughout the day. All cats have lots of toys to play with including a huge cat tree to climb on. We spend time each day petting, combing, and playing with each cat.

To help your cats feel more at home with us, we use feliway in the boarding area. Feliway is a synthetic facial feline pheromone which mimics "happy cat" pheromones .

We have the ability to board six cats at a time. If we are not at full capacity we let the cats have free reign of the entire boarding ward. When we have multiple cats staying with us, they take turns outside of their cages so they each have a chance to run and play.

We require that cats be up to date on vaccinations before boarding with us. Please call the receptionist to discuss medical requirements and pricing for feline boarding.