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Pet Behavior & Rehabilitation

Pet Behavior Treatment

As it is not proper to cure the eyes without the head; nor the head without the body; so neither is it proper to cure the body without the soul. ~Socrates

Pet Behavior and RehabilitationOur pets' behavior is an important aspect of their health. A pet's behavior can seriously impact a household and cause limitations within families, or even become dangerous if left unaddressed. Many pets have behavior problems that become a leading cause of pets being re-homed. We understand these can be sensitivie issues, and recognize that these problems are usually no fault of the owners or the pets.

Behavioral & emotional wellness is part of your pet’s complete health care. RVVA prides itself in providing a low stress environment. We utilize specially trained staff, calming pheromone diffusers, music designed to calm pets, and happy visits for both you and your pet. Our goal is that you and your pet will leave here looking forward to your next visit!

There are multiple behavioral issues that can be address by our staff such as: Aggression, Anxiety and Fear, Elimination Disorders, Undesirable Traits, Cat behavior, Aggression, and Nuisance Behaviors.

Consultation Appointments are done by Dr. Hartelius DVM. Training & Behavior Modification Appointment are done by Kimberly Wilson LVT. She has been working in animal behavior for 40 years with various species. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Certified Horse Behavior Consultant, and a CEVA Behavior Advocate. Kim is pursuing a specialization in Veterinary Behavior.

Pet Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation medicine includes modalities such as physical therapy and laser therapy.

Physical therapy can be used, just as in people, to address health issues such as post surgical rehabilitation or physical injuries caused by specific exercises.

Laser therapy is light energy which has a chemical effect on tissue cells to increase cellular metabolism to speed healing and reduce fibrous tissue (scar) formation. It accelerates wound healing, increases circulation, reduces pain and inflammation, improves nerve function, and can be used to release muscle trigger points and stimulate acupuncture points.

There are many conditions that benefit from laser therapy.  A few include anal gland inflammation, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, dental disease – stomatitis, ear infections/hematomas, hot spots, intervertebral disc disease, lick granulomas, muscle trauma, post-surgical healing and pain relief.

Some patients enjoy an almost immediate response, but most feel the most benefit after 3 or 4 repeated treatments depending on the condition being treated. Each patient responds differently. Treatment times vary depending on the condition being treated. Treatments can be short as 3 minutes or as long as 45 minutes.  Treatment sessions are performed with the patient fully awake. There is no pain involved and many patients enjoy the warm sensation and become relaxed. Treatments are performed in the “therapy suite” on comfortable beds by one of our certified laser specialists.

Please click here for more helpful information regarding the laser therapy that we use here in our clinic and the different treatment options. You can read information about how the therapy works and get a general overview of what to expect.

Regardless of the chosen modality our Licensed Veterinary Technicians will work closely with you and your pet under the guidance of one of our Veterinarians to help your pet achieve a more comfortable and happy life.